The band plays, acoustically and non acoustically, songs of their own.

Welcome to their groovy concert, with electric music, for a world music combo with absurd lyrics. They sing the camels on the dance floor, with jazz, balkanic, maloya and south american influences.

Come on, put on your glitter socks!


In French-speaking countries they play also a show of tale and music, called DJOHA.



A new album is here !

Just on time!

We recorded the album just before we were confined, in March 2020, in the studio Barberine, France. You can order it right now! by writing us an e-mail at

13€ the album, post fees included,

15€ if it's out of France.

23€ for 2 albums, 33€ for 3 albums.

You will receive it in October 2021.

All tours cancelled until... who knows!

Due to Corona Virus, we had to cancel all tours. We will let you know when something new arrises.

Our former tours:

2017 - August: Aurillac, Pyrénées / July: Ardèche, Hautes Alpes / June: Toulouse, Bordeaux, Bretagne / May & April: Grèce / March: Grenoble / January: Canaries, Lanzarote /

2016 - December: Canarias, Gran Canaria / November & October: Brésil / September: Besançon / August: Croatie & Bosnie / July: Bosnie, Suisse / June et May: South West of France

See and listen!

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