3 different concerts

A festive and participative concert with Les Poissons Voyageurs, a show as a "tale & concert" called Djoha, a theatrical concert with a virtuose quintet...

Avec Les Poissons Voyageurs


Theatrical Concert, 1h30

The twin (and for older!) collective Les poissons voyageurs invites Acoustic Ping Pong for a dynamic and very participative concert. Almost every peace of music is the opportunity for the audiance to join the Travelling fish and embody succesively a Gospel choir, the guests of a Mexican wedding or the trumpet section of a New Orleans big band.

This constantly changing show has been existing since 2008 and has welcomed 17 musicians, with double bass, balalaika, accordion, guitars, clarinets, violin, baryton saxophone...

The repertoire is made of polyphonic swing, Balkan and gypsy music, Roumanian blues. The show was played hundreds of times in gypsy weddings in Kharkiv, Gogol fest in Kiev, Ukraine, jazz clubs of Istambul and jungles of New Caledonia or Peru.

Djoha, tale and concert


(formerly TARIEK)

Tale & concert for all audiences, 50 mn


Some days you just forget... Little nothings, that might turn into a lot. Sometimes one may even forget to die...


Djoha is a man like any others. But a man who forgets a little bit too much.

The four musicians of Acoustic Ping Pong follow his steps, and the tale unwinds along with their compositions, inspired by Eastern sounds and the swaying rythms of the biguine. Words and music walk along and open each one's imaginary... Forgetting can also result into living the unexpected!


The Quintet


Concert, on stage or in the street, 12 to 120 mn


Your skin shivers when the voice of Coline Ellouz joins the harmony of the others. Your eyes can't follow the fingers of Louis Boudot on his guitar, struggling with a dizzying solo of Jules Fromonteil on the clarinet. Your guts bind to your legs to dance to the groovy sound of Robin Mora's baritone saxophone, on the rebound double bass and the velvet voice of Nésar Ouaryachi.

As for your ears ...